Newbie Charles Durand is a sexy French stud

April 17th, 2013 |

Charles Durand at Men of Montreal

Men of Montreal has yet again found themselves a hot new stud. Meet Charles Durand, a sexy 22 year old bisexual stud from France. He studies in Montreal and is a buddy of Men of Montreal owner Marko Lebeau. In his very first video, Marko welcomes Charles by helping him a hand (and mouth). The sexy stud jerks himself off till he shoots an impressive load.

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Pavel and Jayden in a bareback flip flop

December 29th, 2012 |

Pavel and Jayden bareback

The last time I saw Jayden, he was pretty calm. I remember thinking that he had a surprising lack of nerves for a first timer. This time, however, was different. He was really nervous. So nervous, in fact, that within a few minutes his underarm sweat had soaked through his shirt!

“Boy you are nervous!” I said, stating the obvious to break the ice. “Yeah, I am…” he said. I didn’t have to ask why. Jayden was going to get fucked for the first time!

Luckily, Pavel was there with him. “Why don’t you fuck me first?” he suggested with a big smile. That turned out to be a good idea because once Jayden started pounding away at Pavel’s ass his nerves disappeared. “OK,” Pavel said. “Now it’s my turn. I want to fuck your tight ass!”

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Paddy O’Brian fucks Kyle King’s hungry ass

November 26th, 2012 |

Paddy O'Brian fucks Kyle King

Paddy O’Brian and Kyle King are two of the most handsome, masculine guys around. And they’re really hungry to jump on each other. On the spacious deck of the house, only a couple yards from ripening vineyards, Kyle breaks away from his lip-lock with Paddy and kneels before the hunky British lord’s king size cock. It’s a real beauty, and Kyle goes at it with lascivious joy.

Standing up, he bends over a bench and receives the regal scepter right up his furry asshole. Paddy doesn’t ride easy either; he seems to only know high gear and deep brutal blasts. Kyle winces and gasps, his aching asslips stretched to the max. But he never backs off, and his powerfully clenching ass revels in the merciless invasion.

Paddy hawks a great glob of spit on his gleaming tool and jerks up a storm, rewarding Kyle with a full-blast facial. With his shiny cum-slick cock, he grinds his cum into Kyle’s beard, and makes the battered bottom’s own creamy load soar high.

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Jay Cloud sucks Cody Cummings’ big cock

October 6th, 2012 |

Jay Cloud sucks Cody Cummings' big cock

Cody Cummings has recently received an honorary PhD in Literature from a fairly prestigious university on the West Coast. As an effort to give something back, he’s agreed to tutor students in his free time. On this occasion, we find him at the home of diligent and aspiring Jay Cloud. Jay has been struggling with a case of writers block lately and he has a composition due in just a couple days. He’s very grateful to have a mentor like Cody to help him clear his mind.

After a little work, Cody can see Jay is dealing with stress. He rubs his shoulders to help him loosen up a little. The guys decide that taking off their shirts will certainly aid in the process of relaxation. The sight of Dr. Cummings’s bare chest and arms causes a sudden swelling in Jay’s cock.

Cody recognizes a unique look in Jay’s face. It’s a look that shows he desires a healthy, fat dick in his mouth. Cody is here for one reason, to help Jay in any way he can to break through and find creative inspiration. If allowing him to suck his bulging erection is the answer, Dr. Cummings is willing to do it!

Watch Jay let his worries melt away while he enjoys Cody’s fat dong sliding between his lips, in and out of his mouth, all the way down his throat. You’ll see why Cody’s method for stirring creative juices is so effective.

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Muscle jock Toby Hart jerks off

August 28th, 2012 |

Toby Hart jerks off for Southern Strokes

West Texas is home to some of the top collegiate athletic programs in the country, so West Texan country folk start their boys training at a young age. Toby Hart is a sexy 21 year old pole vaulter that is about as close to perfection as you can get in my book.

Toby showed up looking like he had just finished track practice. He had on a pair of baller shorts and a cut up t-shirt and his sexy smile on that beautiful masculine face. 5’6″ Toby is my dream boy with his perfect athletic body, that mouth watering cock and most of all his tight hairy hole that just demands some attention from a tongue.

It was a typical balmy southern summer day at the Ranch which is exactly how our Pole Vaulter likes it. Toby admitted that he loves the attention that he gets both on and off the track so I wasn’t surprised when he was so jacked up to get naked and jack his fat cock.

Toby kicked back on the porch, stripped off his gym clothes and slowly stroked his swelling cut cock. Toby’s cock seemed to get thicker as he stroked until his head was covered in pre-cum. Toby shows us that prized ass of his before he sits back on the table and squirts out a sticky load of goodness all over his perfect stomach.

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